About Us


The Port Edward golf course project was initiated by Dave Gouws who first suggested that they establish three holes. During a meeting of interested parties, it was decided to go ahead with a full nine hole course.

The only funds available were out of their own pockets and nine founder members took on the responsibility of establishing a green and it's adjacent tee. The layout of the course was in place from a previous attempt many years earlier that had failed owing to lack of support.

After an initial burst of enthusiasm interest dwindled, however five members continued and kept the project going. They put a great deal of effort into the project and had a lot of fun along the way. Their first greens manual mower was a hand-me-down from a donor, and could only be used if someone pulled from the front!

Their first December season generated a profit of R600 which was used to purchase a new motorised mower for the greens.

The new Golf Course was officially opened in 1978.


Chairman & Greenkeeper- Edgar Wichmann
President - Pat McCormick
Finance Committee member - Steve Reed
Club Captain - Louis Smit
Vice Captain - Steve Maynard
Committee Member -Bruce Lund
Committee Member - Frank Mannix
Ladies Liaison - Felicity Lund


Golf Course Road
Port Edward 4295
KZN South Coast


Email: info@portedwardgolfclub.co.za    
Phone: +27 60 683 1648